New surveys are revealing the TOP 4 features that new-home buyers say are becoming a “must-have.”

1. Spacious closets: Builders and re-modelers in a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders say that walk-in closets in the master bedroom are the single most requested amenity from home buyers and owners.

2. Fancier laundry rooms: Home buyers are searching for laundry rooms with skylights, built-in ironing boards, extra space for folding clothes, storage, and upgraded appliances, according to NAHB’s survey of 400 home builders.

3. Greater energy efficiency: Home buyers are looking to cut utility costs, and they want everything to have greater energy efficiency, from features like low-e windows, artificial grass, programmable thermostats to Energy Star appliances.

4. Nine-foot ceilings: Home buyers are looking for higher ceilings on the first floor. The standard for a new-home is eight feet, but buyers are increasingly asking builders to stretch higher. The higher ceilings can help open up living rooms, dining rooms, and other shared spaces, builders note.

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