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Seller’s Settle into the “Waiting Game”

REAL ESTATE NEWS: Seller’s Settle into the “Waiting Game”

Sellers are starting to get the message that the market is no longer tilting in their favor.

Some would-be sellers say they’re holding out for higher prices before selling; 59 percent of respondents say they want to wait for the maximum price on their home, according to Redfin.

For the sellers who are willing to list, they’re coming to terms with the fact that they may not be able to price their home as aggressively as they thought. The double-digit home-price gains of last year have mostly vanished across the country.

Overall, homes in the SFV & bordering cities are taking more time to sell, but this varies between neighborhoods, price ranges, and among other things. The price range that is seeing more competition are properties up to $480,000. Moderate overbidding is seldom occurring, but not the overbidding that was occurring a year or two ago. I hope you find this information helpful and insightful.


Valerie Valenzuela

Broker / Owner