California’s Dought Problem Impacts Real Estate in More Ways than One.

I’s no secret that California’s water supply is becoming a big concern for homeowners and businesses. There have been many arguments, ideas, and restrictions that have been or will be implemented that many should be aware of.


1. Approximately 1.18 million residential pools exist in California, according to data from Metrostudy.

2. 2014 was California’s driest on record for much of the state, and this year (2015), conditions are only worsening

3. 63% of the state is in extreme drought, and Sierra Nevada snowpack is now running at just 10 to 30 percent of normal.

4. The Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is establishing new building standards through an emergency adoption process. These regulations are set forth in the California Green Building Standards (CALGreen) Code and will ensure that newly constructed residential buildings, permitted on or after June 1, 2015, include water-efficient landscaping.

5. In an average year, about 30 percent of California’s urban and agricultural water supplies come from groundwater. Reliance on groundwater increases during droughts due to reduced availability of surface water.