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California’s Dought Problem Impacts Real Estate in More Ways than One.

I’s no secret that California’s water supply is becoming a big concern for homeowners and businesses. There have been many arguments, ideas, and restrictions that have been or will be implemented that many should be aware of. 5 FACTS / REGULATIONS 1. Approximately 1.18 million residential pools exist in California, according to data from Metrostudy. […]

Seller’s Settle into the “Waiting Game”

REAL ESTATE NEWS: Seller’s Settle into the “Waiting Game” Sellers are starting to get the message that the market is no longer tilting in their favor. Some would-be sellers say they’re holding out for higher prices before selling; 59 percent of respondents say they want to wait for the maximum price on their home, according […]

REALTOR’s with “Teams”; How Beneficial is It?

In the last 6 years or so, the number of REALTOR’s promoting themselves and their “teams” to the general public has been dramatically increasing. As a consumer, this may sound attractive because having more than one professional helping you instills greater peace of mind, right? The answer to this question is YES and NO and […]

Pros and Cons to Converting Your Garage Into Living Space

If you’re looking for more space for your growing family, to entertain, or simply because you want more living space, here are a few PROS and CONS you may want to consider: PROS 1. Increase in living space 2. More room for your family, children, and guests 3. Greater interior appeal 4. Personal satisfaction CONS […]


DID YOU KNOW? New surveys are revealing the TOP 4 features that new-home buyers say are becoming a “must-have.” 1. Spacious closets: Builders and re-modelers in a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders say that walk-in closets in the master bedroom are the single most requested amenity from home buyers and owners. […]

Difference between HELOCs & Home Equity Loans

There are many advantages to owning real estate, but the greatest benefit is when your property appreciates in value and gains equity. When your property gains a substantial amount of equity, you can essentially “borrow” money against your home via a second mortgage: “Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs)” or “Home Equity Loans.” Below, you […]

5 Home Improvements to Avoid

There are 5 Five Home Improvements to Avoid Prior to Selling Even though selling your home could be years away, keep in mind that not all home improvements are welcomed to buyers. Here are just a few items that most buyers don’t appreciate: 1. Outdated Finishes: popcorn ceilings (biggest one), outdated light fixtures, and carpet […]

Market Shift Affecting Sellers, Favoring Buyers

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY & BORDERING CITIES In the last 90 days, the real estate market has experienced many changes that are noteworthy to many buyers and sellers looking to enter the market in the near future. I conducted a study to see how many homes that were sold in the last 90 days experienced overbidding […]