An insight on how the industry, purchasing, and selling real estate really works.

  • A Realtor’s Reputation

    Everyone needs a professional who is knowledgeable and experienced when purchasing or selling a home. However, a REALTOR’s reputation is far more important than what he or she knows, believe it or not. The reputation among the public is not as critical as the reputation among other REALTOR’s. We all like to work with people we like because we trust them, their dependable, and are a pleasure to work with and REALTOR’s are no different. If you’re working with someone who has a reputation of being difficult, rude, and “shady,” fellow REALTOR’s will find a way to avoid working with this individual and ultimately, it will impact you as well.

  • Buyer Protection

    When a seller accepts an offer with financing, negotiations re-open for both parties if the appraisal value comes in lower than the original offer price.

    TIP for Buyers:

    If you feel that you are offering too much for a particular property, but love the home – the goal is to have the seller accept your offers. So, even if you make an offer at asking price and feel hesitant on the value, the appraisal contingency will always protect you.

    In other words, if the appraisal value comes in lower than your original offer price, you are not legally bound to proceed at that price. In this scenario, you have 3 options:

    1. Re-negotiate with the seller.
    2. Cancel, if the seller is not willing to re-negotiate at the appraisal value price.
    3. If the seller is not willing to re-negotiate, you can elect to pay the difference from the appraisal value and offer price (note: Lenders provide loans based on the appraisal value, so if you are making a 20% down payment and want to pay the difference, you will have to come up with 20% plus the difference and deposit these funds into escrow).
  • Minimum Criteria of Homes for Financing

    When you are looking to purchase a home with financing, a house typically needs to meet some minimum criteria before most financing can be secured:

    • There should be no unfinished sub-flooring. Floors may be covered with carpet, tile, hardwood – you can even paint them – but all floors should have some kind of covering.
    • No walls, no loan. All walls must be textured and painted with no outstanding or incomplete work, exposed carpentry, or visible wiring.
    • If there is a space for a fixture, it needs to be occupied. This includes windows, electrical outlets, light switches, lighting, faucets, and toilets. They don’t all necessarily have to work, but they do need to be installed so wiring and plumbing are not visible.

    Requirements are subject to change per each lender. Please consult with your lender and or mortgage broker for more information and insight.


    A “BROKER” in the state of California is seen as an employer of an AGENT (aka: Salesperson). In order for an AGENT to legally work in real estate, they have to be employed by a BROKER. The key difference between BROKERS & AGENTS is liability. In the event that a seller or consumer of real estate wants to bring legal agent against his/her AGENT, they are really bringing legal action against the employing BROKER. Additional differences include, scope of experience, education, and licensing requirements. Overall, a BROKER is the highest level of professional in real estate and license that can be attained in the state of California.


    An “AGENT” in the state of California is seen as an employee of the BROKER. An AGENT must work under a BROKER in order to work or conduct in real estate transactions. As mentioned in #3, the scope of experience, licensing requirements, and liability are the key differences.


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  • Our Company

    Our company name has meaning to it. Valerie’s father opened his first brokerage in the 80’s and was named “Golden Rule,” so she took the “Golden” and added the “Stars Realty.” Additionally, each star represents each member in her immediate family.

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    Valerie Valenzuela, designed our logo, designed 95% of this website, produces and designs all of our marketing material, provides all of our content for our website/flyers/social media.

  • Our Company

    Golden Stars Realty is a family based company. Our team consists of Valerie’s immediate family, parents, and sibling; Ericca Acosta.


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