We are not here to ask you for your business. Our goal is to show you how we work, what you can expect, and our process, if you elect to work with us.

  • We build professional and personal trust
  • We’re direct, honest, and provide real opinions when asked
  • We are genuinely passionate and devoted to our work, clients, and providing a higher level of service that is unparallel to other real estate professionals
  • We are committed to making a difference and a portion of our proceeds are donated to charity
Susan K Breen

Thank you so much for your professionalism throughout the sale of my home – especially for your courtesy, outstanding service, and personal attention to detail. You are exceptional, Valerie.

Susan K BreenAttorney at Law

What You Can Expect

If you’ve never met or heard about us, we are straightforward and the opposite of what you might expect from the average real estate professional.

  • We’re not pushy, aggressive, or try to sell you every home in sight
  • We leave you with all of the decision-making, we only provide the information and resources you need to make them
  • We refrain from chasing buyers; we are here to help those who genuinely need and ask for our help
  • The lack of communication of industry professionals is out biggest pet peeve, so we make it a priority to respond quickly to any and all inquiries (test us)
Buxkemper Family

Valerie, you sure did an excellent job always being so patient and repeating things for us. We feel like we not only sold our home, but made a great friend as well. Thank you again for everything, no words for our appreciation!!

Buxkemper Family

Our Process

Every buyer has a different need, situation, and reason when purchasing a home, so we adapt our process and pace to meet their needs and situation. Throughout the process, we provide our clients with the following, for their convenience.

  • Weekly Reports

    Provides a breakdown of where we stand in the process in a given week, updates on time periods, reports, and etc.

  • Updates

    We are in constant communication with our clients from start to finish and we provide updates as we receive them.

  • Book of Records

    At the conclusion of the process, we provide our clients with an organized book of records, which includes all contracts, reports, and accompanying documents related to the purchase of their home.